Monday, April 20, 2009

Solution for Internet Browser misbehaving after CA Antivirus Install

I switched from Norton to CA that comes with my subscription of TimeWarner Cable.
Everything was fine till I opened my web browser(s). The web-browser will not work as desired.
  • No cookie will get stored
  • The layer effect of browser did not work anymore.

Yes, this happened to all 3 browsers that I use (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome).
So, I was sure that something to do with the install of the new anti-virus suite.

Assuming that some system files were overwritten, I unnecessarily upgraded from XP-SP2 to Service Pack 3.
But to no avail. The browsers worked still the same.

Finally, I started playing with the Firewall settings of the CA Security Suite 2007.
I found out that the Cookie settings were blocking all cookies, so I set it to Medium (Do not store 3rd party cookies).
And also, I changed the setting for Popup/Pop-under ads. I set them to Medium too. This was disabling all browsers from giving a layered effect for several websites.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Use xmlagg in Oracle to concat multiple rows into String

Or in other words, Pivot the values from the results of a query.

The following article contains a lot of information about this problem that we usually face:

Read the comments section.

This is the most intuitive solution that I prefer:

SELECT deptno,
                                 ORDER BY ename),'</x>'),'<x>','|'),2)  as concated_list
FROM emp
    GROUP BY deptno
    ORDER BY deptno;