Friday, September 17, 2010

Call Java JAR methods from ODI

Several times we will see the need of invoking custom Java programs from ODI. Uli has written an excellent article on this.
This is a good solution for the development environment.
However, the limitation of this approach lies in the fact that mandates the need to copy the Jar file to the drivers directory of ODI.
This also needs the agent to be bounced each time a new jar is added.
Think of a scenario where Java agnostic developers wish to use ODI. This is a maintenance overhead for an ODI administrator and also will clutter up the ODI drivers directory. In my opinion, the ODI drivers directory should be used only for Database drivers or application adaptors.

Any custom java code should be used in the following way:

import os
import sys

jars = [

for jar in jars:

from com.mycompany.MyFileWrite import *