Saturday, January 4, 2014

More choices for online storage at

Copy is a new player in the market that offers cloud backup and storage service and is launched by Barracuda Networks. Currently, it is offering 15 GB free cloud space - Same as Google Drive.

However, you can sign up for this service at the link below and can receive a 5 GB additional space (total 20 GB) through the referral program(I will be your referrer). You can click this link to signup and get 20 GB free space.

After you are done signing up, do make sure to:
  • Verify your email address
  • Download and install the Copy app (for PC/Mac/Linux).

There are plenty of noteworthy choices for free online storage -

Google Drive (15 Gb), 
Microsoft Skydrive (7 Gb)
Box (10 Gb),
iCloud (5 Gb) 
Ubuntu One (5 Gb) 
SugarSync (5 Gb)
Amazon Cloud (5 Gb)
Dropbox (2 Gb)

However, you are better off as's referral program lets you earn 5 GB additional space for each referral that you make.

Interestingly, if you chose to use all the services above, you can get a whopping total of 74 GB cloud space free.

Click here to signup for free and get your 20GB free space.

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